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Safe driving is no accident

Speed limts do provide valuable information and guidance.

Note that we're not suggesting that ALL speed limits provide valuable information or guidance. Some are plain stupid, and the more stupid speed limits we have the more the important ones are devalued.

However, as a driver it of great benefit to me to see the 30mph signs when approaching a country village. The 30mph signs are often the earliest warning of an area of increased hazard risk, and as such they are very valuable. In many cases the same effect could be achieved by having a new "Village Ahead" sign of course.

Comments from Peter Edwardson regarding village speed limits:

Village speed limits are more likely to be respected if the speed limit signs also have the name of the village on them.

Not all villages require a 30 mph limit - this is a belief often put about by council planners e.g. Suffolk and Oxfordshire. Depending on the width of the road and the density of development 40 mph may be more appropriate.

There are some small villages in Cheshire that remain at the NSL, but where the configuration of the road is such that nobody does much above 40 anyway - e.g. Marton on the A34 between Alderley Edge and Congleton.

It is important that the area covered by village speed limits corresponds to the boundaries of the village. If the speed limit is extended some way into the country (e.g. to cover isolated properties) it is likely to be ignored when drivers encounter it, and they may then continue to ignore it in the village centre where it is appropriate.