Comments for claim 1.03
Safe driving is no accident

It is well known and understood that suitably trained drivers can use very high speeds without special risk.

Paul Womack wrote in asking that we should clarify what is meant by "suitably trained". Paul was rightly concerned that some inexperienced drivers might think that they were suitably trained and would take extra risks.

So what sort of training, attitude and experience might be required before a driver could be trusted to use "very high speeds" in safety?

Attitude is very important. Our suitably trained driver will have safety as a primary concern at all times. He certainly won't be showing off. He will be calm and drive without fuss or flourish.

Hazard perception builds slowly with driving experience. Drivers take between 100,000 miles and 500,000 miles to develop good hazard perception. It's the lack of development of hazard perception more than anything else which puts less experienced drivers at risk. Insurance companies know this and charge premiums to suit.

Advanced driver training takes many forms. Police drivers are trained for high speeds, but IAM advanced driver training takes place within normal UK speed limits. There are "high performance" driving courses available to the public which are perhaps closer to Police standards. Very few people acquire the skills of advanced drivers without taking training, and your advanced instructor will be able to advise you of the standards you are achieving. Experience on a race track and a skid pan where you will learn "on the limit" handling are also valuable.

DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you're safe at very high speeds until you are trained in advanced driving AND you have plenty of experience. Take your instructor's advice.