Comments for claim 3.06
Safe driving is no accident

Avoids the dangerous soporific effects of unnecessarily slow speeds. Higher speeds raise driver alertness.

Comments from Richard Garcia:

I do about 100 miles a day commuting to work and I must say that when I get any slower than 60mph I start to get lazy.  I lean back relax, with just one hand on the steering wheel, brake later and turn much more lethargically.  I start to feel tired and seem to pay much less attention (In fact, I think I probably check my speedo more at lower speeds than I do at higher).  Traffic also seems to bunch up much more, increasing the chance of not only a crash, but a multiple car pileup.  None of this is intentional, I just feel much safer – Whereas in reality I am not, something proved by the fact that the only crash I have ever had was on the motorway and well under the speed limit.

Up over 70 I am alert, both hands on the wheel and carefully watching the road for what other drivers are up to and if there are any hazards around.  Cars tend to keep their distance (As do I) and lane discipline is much better as opposed to when all the drivers end up in the outside lane trying to go faster and there is more undertaking.

Personal opinion… There is a lot of truth in that statement.