Comments for claim 5.03
Safe driving is no accident

We don't advocate removal of speed limits, but we do not wish to see them enforced when there is no danger caused. Speed cameras cannot make this sort of  judgement, so in general they will have to go.

Comments from Peter Edwardson:

Where they are necessary, it is essential that speed limits are set according to consistent criteria that are made available to the public. These criteria should be set via a wide-ranging consultation process so they are generally accepted by road users. Members of the public should be able to challenge existing speed limits that they believe to be either too high or too low, but only by reference to the official criteria.

Twenty years ago, this was generally the case, and speed limits in the UK were broadly respected even if often not adhered to. However, devolving the setting of speed limits to local authorities without any mechanism to confirm their appropriateness has led both to gross inconsistencies and to many limits being reduced to an unreasonably low level.

The result is that speed limits are now widely held in total disrepute, even where they are appropriate. This cannot help safe driving and militates against drivers being able to set safe speeds.

Comments from MR Harrison:

The idea that speed limits are wrong and people do not respect the law IMHO is wholly irrelevant. The fact is these are the limits, they are the law. To choose arbitrarily (because they would be no such limits) what you, as a driver, consider to be the limit, would be to allow in anarchy and chaos, and would be totally out of order. What gives you, as an individual, the right to impose your view of what the limit should be that day on that road on your fellow road users?  Personal judgment is never a justification for behaviour in public - there has to be a standard and the limits are it. Why can't people accept that? The reason is that they have powerful cars, that can go much faster, and so why shouldn't they? Ok. If you are aware of the pros and cons of fast driving,and you can do so safely, a huge if IMHO, then you bring any offences down on your own head.  The cowboys who don't, or more accurately, can't behave in this way, are the real villains.

I have sympathy with the rationale that the law needs to be brought up to date to reflect modern driving, cars and conditions, but I have to say that IMHO some of the opinions I see expressed in this area on the Web make my hair stand on end, and do such a legitimate objective a great disservice. As the Roadcraft Manual drives home, "Attitude" is the key. Either you have that, or you are a danger to others.