Safe Speed funding appeal September 2005
Safe Speed was under threat of closure.

Appeal launched 28th August 2005. Target £20,000. 

100% of target achieved


(updated 17th January 2006)

The half way mark was passed at 11:22am on the 2nd September.

£20,000 appeal completed 10th February 2006

Our biggest thanks to eveyone who has assisted.

Now and the future

Safe Speed is still seriously underfunded. The £20,000 appeal effectively ran the campaign through 2005. We still need members, and you still need Safe Speed's advanced and unique approach to road safety. And we still need to run the campaign through 2006 and beyond.

Please visit (this link) and show your support.



The right solution to long term Safe Speed funding is sponsorship. If you have any interest, contacts or ideas about long term funding please contact the office.

If you can't afford to send cash...

If you can't afford to send cash, or would like to do more than just send cash, there are a range of useful ideas on this page. One simple suggestion would be to spend some time informing people about Safe Speed and the crisis appeal. The more people who know about us the better.

A word of thanks

To all you good people who have sent funds in response to our crisis appeal, our very heartfelt thanks. You folk are just great. We simply wouldn't be here in October f it wasn't for you. I can't begin to describe how great it feels to receive such solid and enthusiastic material support from such great supporters. Thanks. A million thanks. 


What Safe Speed stands for:
  • We're calling for intelligent road safety policies based on sound scientific evidence and analysis.
  • We believe that speed cameras make road safety worse
  • We believe that the profit motive has misdirected road safety efforts both locally and nationally
  • We believe that senior politicians are largely sincere in their road safety intentions but seriously misguided
  • We believe that good quality roads policing is essential to road safety
  • We believe that speed limits are a useful but small part of a good road safety strategy, and they they have been promoted far beyond their usefulness and have become a dangerous distraction from far more important factors
  • We believe that the camera partnerships must be disbanded
For Business:

Perhaps your business depends on roads. (And what business doesn't?) You sell cars, run trucks, or simply use the roads to move around. We're interested in working with you. Contact us direct to discuss your problems and needs, or simply to offer assistance. Tel: 01862 832000. or email.

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Promoting intelligent road safety

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