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Safe Speed encourages you to comment on our content.


We have encouraged visitors to comment on Safe Speed content right from the beginning back in 2001. Previously we had a cumbersome system where visitors would send us an email and comments would be posted manually to a web page. This system was so labour intensive that frequently worthy comments were not posted to the web pages.

Now we have a forum based comments system. Visitors can post comments to forum pages linked to specific web site pages, or can post general comments or enter discussions.

Visit our forums (here)

Practical details

Over the next few days we will be linking from most Safe Speed pages to the forum based comments system. Click the links in the comments section of the web page to view or post directly to the forum pages associated with the web page.

Sensible rules

When posting to our forums:.

Please don't swear or insult people.
Please don't be abusive.
Please don't post anything that might be libellous.

Please do provide reference sources to back up facts wherever possible.
Please do try to provide clear and logical arguments.

Please let us know if you spot anything in the forums that you think is offensive.

We reserve the right to delete abusive, libellous, insulting or profane forum entries.

We promise that we will never delete a forum post because we disagree with the content.

This page is draft / incomplete

We hope to complete it later today. 

Calling for real road safety, based on truth

We have a strict editorial policy regarding factual content. If any fact anywhere on this web site can be shown to be incorrect we promise to remove it or correct it as soon as possible.
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