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 Post subject: Sad thread or truth?
PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 23:26 
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Okay... Here we go with the top ten lies about speed kills. This isn't definitive and the order could also be wrong.

But you have to promise to listen to something in conjunction with the top ten lies I have heard in my time here or I won’t treat or help you if I ever see you as a patient. Okay?

You must play the track or I’m going to throw my rattle out the pram.

Play this and go...

At number 10: We are told speed kills by ‘the powers that be’ and therefore that is the truth so just swallow it, follow it and shut up you ignorant plebeian!

At number 9: It saves lives and government statistics prove it time and time again! :rotfl: (Sorry, that one always cracks me up :lol: ).

At number 8: If you disagree with the Government or SCP party line you are just a speed freak and want to kill people.

At number 7: “Speed Kills” I’ve seen the that sign more times than I have had hot dinners. Proof positive that the more you bang-out the message, the more true it must be. I know police who think it’s a crock of ‘bleep’, but oh well...

At number 6: Speed Kills! Never mind the proof! Have you got the message yet? :D

At number 5: Speed Kills, again. War of attrition; brow beat you all into submission using the power of media...

At number 4: “My ‘insert someone here’ got killed because of speed, so don’t tell me speed doesn’t kill okay!!!” “ How dare you dare tell me speed doesn’t kill you :censored: !!!”. “You are not fit to work in the NHS!”

Ahem.. I grieve for your loss more than you know or think some :censored: like me on a forum may know! So please, and with the greatest of respect and sorrow for your loss and suffering, give me some credit for what I see and do in the NHS in rehab if they get that far, which many don’t sadly. :cry:

At number 3: The circular argument: Need I elaborate? Okay..

A) “I have an invisible, intangible god monkey on my shoulder protecting me”

B) “No you don’t”

A) “You prove there isn't”

B) “No, you’re an idiot! You prove there is!”

At number 2: "If speed cameras are taken away we will all die!" Enter Swindon and many others :bighand:

And at number 1: It’s outside a school, although it’s midnight and it’s during school holidays it’s still 20 mph because you are going to kill someone and it’s quite right that you have been done for speeding outside a school you child-killing manic.

“Yeah, okay. Right, got ya....”

Did I miss one or two??

Probably a no-reply thread but many a truth spoke in jest; or many jests are truthful :roll:

The views expressed in this post are personal opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of Safe Speed.
You will be branded a threat to society by going over a speed limit where it is safe to do so, and suffer the consequences of your actions in a way criminals do not, more so than someone who is a real threat to our society.

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