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PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 20:07 
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Letter in CW


During morning commute - 8 am - good condiitions - I pased a car at teh Give Way signs onmy nearside. Noone else on the road and he appeared to waitt.

My spedo read 34 mph..

I drew level with his bonnet.

By the conrer of my eye = -I see him pull out

I jhear a voice screaming - my voice.

My legs were windlmilling to get some distance - but he chipped me on the back wheel.

The high rmp cuased this to spin - and I was pushed down the road - sideways. The bike's traction ried to right itself.

Suffering a sprained hand and a wheel - I stood in the road, knees knocking together .. with shock and fear.

The driver - an otherise decent soul on his way to workl - but wiht 9 year old to drop off at school on the way - ran up to me aplogising ..

He said

"I'm sorry - so sorry .. I did not see you...."

And looking me up and down ... noticing the LED lights, the... and blushing embarrassed

"even .. though.. you are .. wearing a .. yellow ... coat... "

:roll: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

But.. in fairness 34 mph.. in a 30 mph zone. Perhaps he misread the approaching speed of the bike.. or were there bollards ..

Not there .. no other information.. but why the hell do people not see things at T-junctions. Or completely mis-judge speeds of anything passing?

Take with a chuckle or a grain of salt
Drive without COAST and it's all your own fault!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:54 
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does it say he was in a 30mph zone?

i wonder what his road positioning was like, if it was as quiet as he says i'd always (errr probably!) be well toward the center of the lane in such a scenario.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:50 

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I'd certainly be well over from the left. Somewhere between the middle of my lane and the centre of the road, especially if I had spotted the car waiting to come out.

In my worst case recently I ended up on the right hand side of the right hand lane. She tried very hard to get me, but I was sharper than her and I got away :roll:

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 13:30 
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Ja - ist Cycle Craft und Bikeabilty.

I wonder about the position too.

Make sense to approach in primary just in case of SMIDSY error.

Some people though do seem to look everywhere but the logical direction. Perhaps he looked left.. und then right .. but failed to make a check glance.

My sister-in-law was turning right at a wide junction. She looked to the left - noted a cyclist making his way up the gradient. She then turned to the right to check on-coming traffic.

By the time she turned her head again .. cyclist was passing in front of her.

The car turning left seemed to misjudge the cyclist's speed und nearly "had him" ,. He started to set off - slammed on brake. He stalled engine ..

The cyclist shouted but continued as no accident occurred. Sis-in-law asked him if he had not seen him because her car was turning right. He replied that he "had seen the cyclist but thought he'd never get up that hill that quickly" :banghead:

Wide road .. cyclist was in secondary - she says. She says primary would have been more appropriate as wide road und curve at this point.

If they turn left though .. wide junction becomes narrow rural lane.. und Sis-in-law says the left turn into this can be a real decepttive eye- shocker at times. Have asked her to get me a photo to post up as ist difficult to envisage.

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