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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 18:48 
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who also ride a bike und who does NOT drive.

I continue his rant which started about Christmas :wink: here as he launch a decent rant at lycra louts :wink:


The sad fact ist that New Labour's 10 year campaign to undermine traditional family values has not only led to an underclass of knife-wielding hoodies living on endless welfare hand-outs - but has resulted in a selfish and apathetic breed of middle class professionals living on endless credit. Both groups know their "rights" but accept none of their responsibilities

Indeed - on a certain (shudder in shock at the scale of violent road raging nastiness which ist hopefully only manifest on a computer keyboard und not in reality) cycling forum - we do read the "I like to ride my bicycle - I like to ride my bike. I like to ride my bicycle und I have the right to ride it where I like!"

:nono: You haven't. Not really und back home you are only "authorised" to ride it. You do not have priority over pedestrians :wink: Ist not "cyclotopia"

Martin Townsend :bow: continues

He celebrate in much the same way as we do :hehe: Walk to Midnight Mass, home to bacon und eggs und then we open presents.. und then in morning we cook the turkey und a goose, sit to fully laid out table, und usually end up watching the Queen whilst we are on the after dinner coffee with chocolate thin or neopolitan und a liqueur. Then we go out for a walk before we tackle the washing up. :lol:

Take the long cherished custom of the Christmas Day walk with the family for instance. Alongside Midnight Mass, turkey und stuffing and the 3pm speed whcih the Queen will not be delivering through a veil :lol: - the post prandial stroll with the family ist one of the pleasures I will probably give a miss to this year. I am simply fed up with the accursed new breed of "cyclists" who think the road ist anywhere which they happent to wish to ride on und who constantly come SPEEDING UP to me und my children on the PAVEMENT

Hah.. funny how real world out there actually in tune with petrolheaded common sense und not lah-lah land of loony land of cycling fora.

If one more of these helmeted lycra clad morons starts jangling their bells und barking at me to get out of the way I will flip

Ach Martin.. it could be worse .. no helmet.. no bell .. no shout at you :wink:

But I know what he mean :roll:


I am a calm man but everyone has their limit

Ja :yesyes: lycra louts are not exactly well mannered nor even logical :popcorn:

I dare say they will post up yet even more insane garbage somewhere in cycberspace over what we choose to post up for informed debate. The editor of the newspaper is giving his opinion. Ist up to those people who think his criticism ist over-harsh to explain in reasonable und fair minded manner why they disagree und not to make petty, unwarranted und insult to the person who in a country of free speech within reason expresses an opinion within reason.


My festering intolerance for the two wheeled fraternity ist particularly sad because I have - ALL MY LIFE - been a member of this hallowed group. As a NON DRIVER i have long rolled on the humble bicycle hither und thither , und in recent years - taken cycling holidays in Kent und New Forest.

However, in attemtpting to WALK my children to school in recent months on the one morning a week I am able to do so, I have grown so disillusioned by my fellow cyclists I feel like chopping my bike to bits

The route I, my children und dozens of other 5-10 year olds take includes a pedestrian subway. It's clearly marked with a NO-CYCLING symbol but I never seen a cyclist dismount und walk with their bike :furious:

I had to endure one middle aged woman staunchly refusing my request to dismount und deliberately bashing a fellow parent in the legs with her front wheels.

Ja.. they also encourage chucking rocks at cars und kicking cars at traffic lights. :shock:

I think Martin need to check out the internet. He may find some morons are so involved in their lah-lah land of loutishness that they actually do what some one might have typed in "jest".

A bus driver in the Manchester area und one woman in car are reported in Manchester based press as lucky to be alive after bricks chucked at their vehicles. Not saying that this emanated from reading the unfortunate post - but it cannot help matters as we do not know what sort of yob und thug hits und maybe reads. So perhaps not a good idea to post in that kind of rage after incident with a twazak in a car.


I have also engaged in a toe -to toe confrontation with a Latin-American looking gentleman who seemed to think the subway was a stage in the Tour de France :shock: :shock:

In the worst incident of all my wife wathced helplessly as an 8 year old boy was sent flying by a SPEEDING BIKE.

Fortunately he only suffered a few cuts but why should he have been knocked down at all :furious:

Indeed. It's called COAST skills und obeying some basic rules as well. The C in this case would be "Courtesy und Consideration" :wink:


A few days later I reported my own incidents to the police. Two Community Officers came pedalling through the subway :banghead: :hissyfit:

Can things get any worse? :furious:

Apart from the nightmare scare tactic of some terrorist destroying the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square or whereever they now put it.. :?

Er .. apparently yes ..


Radio 4's "Today" programme launched the "Christmas Repeal" which invite listener to vote for Britain's most useless or damaging law [b[ with view to getting it scrapped [/b] :hehe:

:rotfl: It was "hardest" choice for us.. We voted for .. speed cam laws of course :rotfl: being the most useless :hehe:

I do urge folk on PH und SS to get your vote in there :wink:


Mr Gareth Blake (42) called the programme. He want the law which say cyclists cannot ride on pavements to be overturned so long as "tehy give pedestrians right of way"

I have two messages for Mr Blake

Ist OK 8-) - Martin ist keeping polite. :wink:


First :furious: if he thinks the same numbskulls who ignore red lights und every other warning sign und traffic rule as it applies to cyclists und use our route to school as a race track are going to "give way to anyone" he suffers from delusions

He probably contributes to some "for cyclists only" forum in cyberspace. They all suffer from this :popcorn:


Second Stay out of my way on Christmas Day afernoon

Und Martin finishes with a comment from which his desk will collapse with "thousands" of letters (OK a handful of about 10 cyberspace idiots :wink: ) of handwringing woe und visciously worded missives which only confirm the chav und uncouth und uneducated nature of lycra louts :popcorn:

:bow: to editor
Martin Townsend -highly educated, experienced und intelligent editor of pleasant Sunday midde road tabloid wrote:

[b] before one more child ist knocked down und possibly killed, cyclists should be given licence plates, threatened with ASBOs for thier loutish behaviour :furious: or given community service IN HI-VIZ uniforms if hey are caught riding on pavements.

Enough ist enough :banghead:

Wow! You can feel the repressed anger there. I think our lycra mates had better go for a walk after their turky und tinsel :wink:

But way to go! I just :love: his rants. On a par with PetrolTed's :hehe: und Paulie's PRs on his day job :clap: of course :wink:

Nicht ganz im Lot!
Ich setze mich immer wieder in die Nesseln! Der Mad Doc ist mein Mann! Und ich benutzte seinen PC!

UND OUR SMILEYS? Smile ... und the the world smiles with you.
Smiley guy seen when you read
Fine me for Safe Speed
(& other good causes..)

Greatest love & Greatest Achievements Require Greatest Risk
But if you lose the driving plan - don't lose the COAST lesson.
Je ne regrette rien

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 02:23 
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Meanwhile on the letter's page in Manchester's Postbag a woman wrote that she should be allowed to ride on pavements because the "roads are too dangerous"

Stocport reader says he has written umpteen times on the topic

advocating gentle pavement riding and a give way to pedestrians rule

Reader may indeed by a pleasant chap who would do so. But we have the belligerent aggressive types who famously referred to two old biddies who strayed into the cycling partof a shared path as

"Old Trouts who should be run over!"
and got upset all over their lycra when their own words that "steam should give way to sail" :lol: were ping ponged back!

Certainly the Express editor has his doubts as to the majority being a nice as the Stockport reader. But then ..we Northerners are just nicer than them down South anyway. By - 'eck! cloth caps, clogs, ferrets and black puds.. we can 'andle this pavement cycling lark with Northern cosiness :wink:

After all

To some this is horrific - so I shall put this question to them

Why is it that..

on many roads of the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire, there are notices on the pavements - and not very wide pavements at that - stating "Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians?"


:? :idea:
they are Northern and can read and understand English? Unlike those lycra louts in London and the South :boxedin: :wink:

Swiss, Germans and French say "Give Way to Pedestrians - Cycling Authorised" but this is only on designated shared paths and areas which the cyclist has to ride through to get to the networked routes :wink:

At least one local authority whch has common sense and wants to save cyclists from injury or death on our overcrowded roads


Wash yer mouth out Stockport reader. Now you know you are not to say things like that. :shock: :twisted: Cyclists have a right to be on the roads thee knows :wink:

Pavements indeed :roll:

If you want to get to heaven - you have to raise a little hell!

Smilies are contagious
They are just like the flu
We use our smilies on YOU today
Now Good Causes are smiling too!

It makes folk wonder just what you REALLY got up to last night!

Smily to penny.. penny to pound
safespeed prospers-smiles all round! !

But the real message? SMILE.. GO ON ! DO IT! and the world will smile with you!
Enjoy life! You only have the one bite at it.

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