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PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 20:32 
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BN wrote:
Police cyclists making town safer
9:13am Tuesday 11th August 2009

IN response to the letter from J O'Connor with regard to the police use of cycles within Bolton town centre.

I have increased the establishment of police officers and PCSOs deployed on pedal cycles.

Their operational effectiveness is quantified by the number of incidents they attend, the positive feedback I receive and the high number of arrests made (almost 400 by the neighbourhood team alone this year).

In order to cycle whilst engaged on police duties, these officers receive a six-hour training course to ensure that they are safe, and cycle in a safe manner.

Clearly there have been incidents of dangerous or inconsiderate cycling within the town that led to a ban on cycles, skateboards and roller blades within pedestrian areas, and the town centre team police these bans appropriately.

The use of cycles by police officers has had a massive impact on crime and anti-social behaviour in the town, enabling the officers to remain approachable and visible, and yet in a position to respond promptly to incidents as they occur.

I have received a vast amount of positive feedback from various sections of the community, with regard to the effectiveness of the team on cycles.

Only this morning they arrested a male for breaking into a car and stealing a sat nav system.

The offending male sped off on his bike, closely followed by the officers on theirs. They swiftly detained him.

Emergency Services clearly have a need to access the town centre in the circumstances described by J O’Connor, and this includes the police and, up until recently, GMAS who also deployed on cycles.

It is absolutely not a case of “Do as we say, not as we do” — just a determined effort by my team to make Bolton town centre a safe environment, with a committed team of community officers.

I would welcome any feedback with regard to this or any other matter, and I can be contacted directly on 0161 856 5619 or via bolton.neighbourhoodteam Sgt 1887 Paul Ellis Bolton Central safer Neighbourhood Team

Anyone? We use Bolton/Bury Manchester as model as you all aware as tghey epitomise UK as whole here :wink:

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 14:46 

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Well they have one example of a real crime being solved, and that is good. I wonder what the other 399 arrests were for though...
More arrests means less crime, right?


PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 21:53 
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All on this google .. a lot :popcorn: gets eaten :hehe:

The debate started .. I think .., with this letter :popcorn:

BN wrote:
Every day we highlight top stories in The Bolton News and ask for your comments. You can either post your views on our Forum HERE or by email to the Letters Editor HERE or Sports Editor HERE.

Cyclists need more protection
7:10am Wednesday 15th July 2009

WHY do cyclists on the continent enjoy so much more respect and safety than cyclists in the UK? Could it be that law-breaking drivers here enjoy so much more freedom? Isn’t it a fact that drivers here can abuse and intimidate and, indeed, kill cyclists and get away with it?

Which cyclist hasn’t heard the rant: “You shouldn’t be on the road, you don’t pay tax and insurance?”

And aren’t there even drivers preaching: “If a cyclist isn’t in a cycle lane they’re fair game?” The recent Manchester to Blackpool charity cycle ride saw some 8,500 cyclists raising money for good causes, not least for Manchester’s cancer hospital, The Christie.

Did drivers show their two-wheeled brethren respect? Not at all. Virtually all had a tale of abuse or near miss to tell — horns blasting, excessive speed, mobile phone distraction.

Last week, eight British soldiers were reported killed in Afghanistan: “One hellish 24-hours, a terrible tragedy”. What, then, of the “hellish 24-hours in Britain? — eight terrible tragedies on our roads every single day.

Our soldiers are said to be under resourced, they need better equipment.

Aren’t British cyclists “under resourced” — they need tougher penalties for drivers who abuse, intimidate, injure and kill.

If people can’t get on a bicycle to raise money for cancer and reduce their carbon footprint for fear of inhospitable drivers, who churn out huge amounts of carcinogens and CO 2, then where does that leave humankind?

For tougher penalties for drivers, log onto http:/ /mobilemenaceban/ Allan Ramsay Radcliffe Moor Road Radcliffe

Helll Allan .. we do such rides and never have experienced such to date. OK .. so we do most abroad .. our next one planned in High Swiss Alps and me and IG are seriously in training. My wife will provide back up and food for us and she will do a small stretch on her bike if she feels fit enough to do so :lol: this time around.

But in all the charity rides we've done to date .. and w've done a fair few as a family unit in full force.. :wink: of ALL of us,, we've not experienced such.. but then we ride to the rules /.. COAST and Bikeabilty ones ... which encapsulate the Highway Code and the LAW.

Maybe that's why we have clean driving licences.. safety led records of zero incident and the ones suffered were non faults on the parts of the few unlucky ones by chance or just simply unlucky fate here.

By the way .. lok at Wildy's links of the past. Continent is no "cyclotopia". Do not delude selves here. :roll:

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