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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 00:00 
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I just have to include one of my foreign as last post for a wee while as we have much to get used to..

Basically . Geneva has cycle lanes ., but theypeter out. are shared with :yikesL: trams. KSOI in French speaking Switzerland higher that national average :roll:

They say the French part are not cycle friendly like rest of the land. I concur .. :yesyes:

But cyclotopia abroad? Since when? Live there instead of seeing as holiday maker.


OK .. so the title ist right ACID! I say as it occur to me. I not mean nasty ever. I am not at made that way. nor ist ted.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 01:49 
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And to those of us that don't happen to speak French or ?

My transulator made this of it which is just about readable :

18 000 signatures for the security of the cyclists INSTALLATION | Despite its 150 kilometers of cycle tracks, Geneva remains a poorly conceived city for the bicycles.
© Olivier Vogelsang |
Marc Mill | 22.09.2009 | 13:32

The parliaments of the six french-speaking districts will have floor on the petitions, launched simultanément in February, that claim more d’aménagements to assure the security to bicycle. Most of the 18’444 sign harvested will be deposited aujourd’hui Tuesday, to l’exception of the 4’252 signatures genevoises: these will await l’intronisation of the Big new Counsel that will be elected October 11.

Characteristic of this petition: she emanates at once promoters of the soft mobility and environments of the athletic bicycle. With a simple claim: to roll in security. And on the basis d’un report: the Swiss alémanique more better is equipped. « The french-speaking delay is phenomenal, and nevertheless one is in the same country, scolds the coordinatrice genevoise of Pro Bicycle, Delphine Klopfenstein. Unfair C’est! » According to her, the number of injured cyclists backs up Besides sarine then continuous qu’il d’augmenter in french-speaking Switzerland. « Every train station alémanique disposes dune bicycle station, then french-speaking Swiss qu’en one some always awaits a », she exemplifie-t-elle.

For this that touches Geneva in particular, the city figures nevertheless among the more better endowed with 150 kilometers of tracks or cycle bands. « Notable C’est, but there remains strategic zones that some are totally devoid, as the Bridge of the Coulouvrenière where the traffic cyclist nevertheless increased of 43% in two years, underlines Delphine Klopfenstein. Certain installations existing s’interrompent brutally, d’autres are inadequate for they shear too often the rails of tram or again are invaded by the scooters. »

In a manner general, Geneva, that is heiress dune heavy tradition automobile, remains poorly conceived for the bicycle, according to Pro Bicycle: « That holds also to the behavior of the users: according to the rule, the cyclists must roll to at least a meter of the parked cars to avoid the untimely openings of car doors, follows Delphine Klopfenstein. S’il is possible to respect the law to Fools, c’est impensable to Geneva where a motorist will always finish by to do you to feel his impatience or by to surpass you dangerous. »

All project urbanistique henceforth should be examined by a specialist of the two front wheels d’être finalized, estimates the campaigning. Which one recognizes besides that certain cyclists behave themselves in « road hogs », borrowing the sidewalks where they bother the pedestrians. But for her, « that often is linked to positions where put shoes on it is excessively dangerous, as for example on the bridge of the White Mount. »

This petition brings an indirect support to popular l’initiative « active traffic », launched in six swiss districts, and that resulted in July to Geneva. The text demands notably that the whole network primary road and secondary is provided with cycle reassured tracks and continuous.

Safe Speed for Intelligent Road Safety through proper research, experience & guidance.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 20:45 
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I do so love the translating tools .. Like Vrenchen I admit to being most amused tht folk "understand" this and complain she's "hard to understand because of typing "und" instead of "and" and "ist" instead of "is" :popcorn:

OK to summarise in plain English:

Swiss French have laid a petition of over 18K protesting over "lack of facilities." Geneva has lots of cycle lanes but most of these are "meaningless tokens as they peter out to nothing" :roll: German and Romansch areas are more cycling friendly compared to the French speaking cantons. :roll:

Many of Geneva's existing cycle lanes are confusing. Many lead cyclists into a state of confusion as they end up riding between the tram lines :roll:

There are complaints that French speaking Swiss cantons favour car drivers and there's apparently a greatrer danger of being "doored" or overtaken without due car than anywhere else in Europe in this area :lol:

Sorry . but Vrenchen does forget and takes for granted that all understand her lingo and typing style. :roll: My cousin. I've known her since she was 4 days old .. babysat her . changed her nappies even. I have a soft spot for someone who grew up to be a very decent caring person.

PS .. I spent most of my boyhood in Switzerland. As a result I do speak German and French to an acceptable level :lol:

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