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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 01:13 
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As we all know whether we drive or ride - we have to apply COAST per CW :wink: We just cannot avoid dangerous situations on the road and our job as riders and drivers is to Observe and Anticipate and Plan by adjusting our Space and Time

still sounds like COAST to me :wink :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

CW give some tips to ride defensively and it still comes across as COAST :lol: :lol:

CW reckon we can learn from off-roaders and racers... (er drivers learn from racer/ralliers s too :wink: )

So now to the advice and some of this came from police courses too :wink:


This is the little jump we do. (Part of the police course - and a skill learned in cycling up and down steps :yikes:)

However, this little jump is very useful when you come across drains and potholes. Safer to bunny hop than swerve to avoid. :wink:

OK - so how do you do this? CW explains it well and they must have done our course :wink:

You level your pedals so that your feet are equal distances from the ground. Pres the handlebare and the back ends of the pedals. Slightly litt your hands and feet as you pull your body UP and back. This should pull you and the bike off the ground

Please practice in private first to get it right! It is a a skill and if you can - get some lessons via CTC addresses

When you land - anticipated the drop by leaning up and forward,. maintaining a balance so that you can continue riding forward.

Please remember this is a skill and you must practice in a safe area before taking to the road. Ideally - book a lesson with a CTC approved intructor who will guide you through in a safe area.


You have to learn to handle a bike as a driver handles a car :wink: Tight turn techniques help if yiou find yourself in that nasty boxed in situation at a corner.

So if you have to tight turn - place hands on drops or lower part of handle bars. Align hips toward the back and make this as parallele to the top tube as possible. Gengtly pull the inside handlebar to release wieght and improve steering. Place weight on the outer pedal to give more traction and your head and body should be pinted to where you wish to go!

Do remember that your position on the road and body postion are important signals of your intention to pedestrians, horse riders and drivers. This is part of what we nag at when we urge cyclists to be repsonsible for their actions and CW has just backed us in their piece this week :wink: They write exactly what Kriss wrote on C+ and both Mad Doc and I have passed similar comments on this site in the past :wink:

CW says you should be looking at least 30 ft ahead for hazards (COAST :wink: ) and state you should be at turning pace 10 f before turn anbd you hold your line as with racing. :wink:

If you maintain a clear line other road users will not have to swerve to avoid you and your slow down should be clean. light and should not cause any alarm or over-reaction to any other road user. It's really COAST but couched in different words :wink:


Stopping means having to unclip from pedal. But to make a quick get away you may stay clipped in. :wink: Best way is to use a track stand :wink: Balance on bike in a standing position whilst keeping the bike stationary. You stand out of the saddle and trun the front wheel a little to balance the bike. Pedal an inch forward and apply font brake.

It needs some practice - biut persevere and you will have a cutting edge in speed and safety :wink:

Take with a chuckle or a grain of salt
Drive without COAST and it's all your own fault!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 23:52 
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Nice people at CTC advise as well :wink:

I agree with them when they say that ist easy for those who do not ride bike to over-estiomate the difficulties of everday. Statistically ist pretty well safe und it includes the numpties who per the CTC leaflet says:


Those statistics include many whose riding style relies on others taking care of them. If you are vigilant, cycling ist very safe indeed

:yesyes: Und this also applies to the car driver statistics too..... :wink:

I agree with this little piece by CTC. You do not have to be virtusos super cyclist bkie handler person. If you can start pedalling, stop und steer reliably, look behind either shoulder when riding (und perhaps one should practice riding in own garden or driveway - steering betwnn cones und just practising the life saver glance before venturing in heavy traffic if NOY overly confident .. ist a little idea.. :wink: I think I read it in Swiss version of Cycle Craft.) Und CTC suggest this too at end of article as I scan through. :lol:

Position on the road should not be in the gutter - CTC confirm IG's pint about being a metre from kerb. You make yourself SEEN und you never be afraid to do this - it means buying und fitting relaible lights und wearing that day-glo high viz vest... As driver I am looking ahead und traffic Und I DO include cyclsits as traffic ist expected to be where it should be - in my view on the road. By maintaining good position to left - a metre or so - cyclist avoids drain, careless pedestrians und the numpty who protrudes too far from side street. As said in Cycle Craft thread - you scan ahead und monitor behind for hazards per the CTC Commuter Advice leaflet.

The CTC leaflet advises in same way as Cycle Craft - to observe positions of all other road users, make eye contact and keep any sidewasy movements smmoth und gradual so that no one misundeerstand you. Ity advises getting into position early when approaching junctions und parked cars (und to stay a dorr width away from them und use eyes und ears :wink:

It advises this so that cyclist avoids conflict with other road users, but also if one does find a busy junction "intimidating" - no shame in walking round it until confidence to ride builds up. Sometimes the walk through a few times allow time to assess und observe traffic habits ( per the CTC leaflet called "Steets Ahead" und advise to call them for FREE copy!

CTC leaflet also tells cyclists to be wary of badly designed roads which cause problem for drivers as well as cyclists, und to also be aware und on look out for tram tracks, tarmac sealing lines (remember the "Inside Out" programme where motor biker was killed through poor sealing lines) :cry: , in the wet. Und on alert for pot holes. YThey advise to move out if you can of rise on pedal und roll the bike through them.

They advise to carry emergency pump, spare inner tube und tools - but if you cannot fix it - have enough cash to get a taxi!

Ahhhh! Taxi.... cycling utopia still need the four wheelies 8-) :wink:

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