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 Post subject: Surfaces
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 02:05 
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Bad Surfaces

Can be a bit of a bumpy ride here – not brill if in Lycra! :shock: I speak from – ahem – experience. :oops: Does appear to have done me any harm – my wife seems happy enough! :wink:

Ahem. :wink: Cough…. OK – so - I have happy normal married life! :lol: :wink:

However – we all know as drivers that a really nasty surface can wreck tyres, suspension and exhausts - but far worse for our cycling pals. :(

Most of the safety points raised thus far in this section – not posted for fun – but because in my career to date – bad judgement by both cyclist and driver has led to injuries :cry: and the whole point of any road safety campaign is to highlight the areas of danger and mark for attention. :wink:

I am concerned - because even Durham followed the national trend and sadly :( :cry: we had increase in cycling KSI in 2004 (still below national average – marginal even – but any increase causes concern here) and we are still trying to establish whys and wherefores. :?

So - pot holes, grids, trenches, puddles and all difficult to see in advance – for drivers and cyclists alike – especially in busy traffic or wet conditions. :roll:

So – this is where COAST really helps you. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

As you ride and even drive along – scan the road ahead of you as far as you can see, I once called it “reading the road” and viewing all road traffic signs and paint markings in the same way as you look at commas and full stops and exclamation marks etc., when you read a book. :wink:

Look out for wear and debris and it really is easy to get into the habit of scanning road surfaces and traffic once you make a conscious effort. :wink: I speak from experience and will admit that we spend time – at least in our Force – of perfecting each movement and manoeuvre whether in car, on motorbikes or pushbikes.

:wink: Practice makes perfect - buit we alos have to motivate and rekindle that long lost qulaity of taking a pride in our work, appearance and abilities - which kindles that enthusiasm to constantly do better. :wink:

But if you do it decisively and consciously- it eventually seeps into the normal skilled and alert behaviour.

But whatever situation – essential to keep your cool and not let impatient oiks upset you. Draw breath and if needs be – talk yourself through the hazard. I sometimes find pointing at the hazard helps. :wink: - but only if safe to do so.

But – all cyclists know that sometimes you have to grit teeth and confront the pothole –so

Keep calm, steer straight and meet it square on - it does help keep control – honest – speak from experience!

Honk yourself off the saddle – to preserve your love life!

Grasp handle bars firmly and do release the brakes

Try to bunny jump over it.

Cobbles are just awful. You cannot steer properly as it vibrates. And bevelled edges can throw you completely. Also very nasty in icy conditions. – So as in car – be careful, keep speed down, select correct gear and really “feel” the handling.

[u]Cambers [/u[

I want cyclists and others to tell me about this one.

There are probems - what are they?

and ways of dealing – discuss.
:wink: :wink:

What other road surfaces have caused problem for cyclists and bikers and how have you dealt with them?

Take with a chuckle or a grain of salt
Drive without COAST and it's all your own fault!

A SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight (P Diller).

A Smiley Per post

Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon - but driving with a smile and a COAST calm mind.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 18:14 

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More on the 'surfaces' theme. Not so much the underlying tarmac / cobbles etc. but that which coats them!

I've faceplanted once or twice when my front wheel has washed out from under me. ('hitler' mustache-style grazing & smashed implants) why? Oil / diesel at junctions & corners. This is worse than ice or wet drain covers! On a damp road you just slide...and slide....and slide. (removed much skin to inside of bib shorts - nippy sore). The most spectacular:- 'all' I'd done was dabbed front brake & lost it at about 25/30 - nearly shot out of a busy roundabout & had a taxi (just behind me - gazing in awe as I just got up and rode off). It's amazing what you walk away from relatively unscathed.

I've ridden road bikes, rigid MTB's, various stages of suspension bikes and nothing makes a jot of difference when there's oil on a damp road.
(never tried wet oily road + tandem!):lol:

Perhaps we should start a 'crash' section - compare notes on 'what went wrong', causes, effects an what we learned from it? Might make some interesting reading if the same causes repeat eg. SMIDSY / clipping kerbs / protective clothing. Looking at speed of 'sudden halt', impact object, injury sustained etc. What's you think IG?

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