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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2005 20:17 
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:lol: :lol: :? :shock: :roll: :wink:

This is gonna make me popular over the road. :roll: oooh! That lot - they're at it aginn! :roll: :roll: 8-) :D :lol:

Well... it's in the paper for all to see - and some truths in it - especially since David Suchet's wife was attacked last week, and we all know there are some people out there with serious problems - and some walk, some ride bicycles, ride motorbikes and drive cars. Not a cyclist issue as such - but one whereby a handful of mindless thugs smear all with their mindless behaviour. We all know of at least one poster who posts to a number of sites who possibly belongs to this sect. :roll:

OK - so for debate and not bashing cyclists at all. Catchy headline and I checked the figures on DfT site before posting this - holds water :roll: Wonder what :shhh: U know oooh-er will say! :wink:

MOS -page35- reporter Amanda Perthen wrote:


Cyclists have killed nine pedestrians and injured more than 1000 people within the last 5 years - per the Department of Tranport figures.

The shocking figures come as complaints soar over the behaviour of the so-called lycra louts who ride on pavements, ignore traffic signals whilst speeding around busy urban streets

Have to say it. I've seen it in Carlisle, Keswick, Cockermouth, Penrith and Kendal. :roll: Also when down in Preston, Lancaster, Manchester and the rest of the family in other areas do tell me and rant off on one to IG and his BiB siblings over it. :roll:

Add CM escapades... OK so I got hit twice - once in London when we missed the first half of a show we paid good money for and last Friday in October when we were held up in ensuing gridlock from one there. :furious: So I guess I am very subjective in my attitude as "victim" :roll: I applaud New York's stance per CW :lol: :clap: :clap: and as posted by IG.


Alarmingly the figures do not include 2005 which has seen a 400% increase in cycling after the 7/& terrorist bombings on London's public transport system.

As many of the 7/7 army of post 7/7 cyclists are inexperienced - it is feared the toll will rise sharply.

JC may have been JC at worst in his Sun article - but there were some uncomforatble home truths in the piece. His brief in the StUN is per his Beeb brief - to shock and if his piece made some seek help and advice, recognise the caricature he drew - then perhaps the "boy done well" :wink: after all. :wink

Because let's face facts here - IG has opened some eyes, including mine, on safe cycling in this section and without personal bias - I think he has provided a very comprehensive section on cycling safety. :bow:


It is feared the 2005 cyclist death rate could be higher. :cry: when figures are collated.

Not the fault of drivers - but lack of know how, and complacency that cycling is easy. You never forget to ride a bike! :roll:

- Um you never forget how to balance on bike - but road conditions, know how, commuting skills in ever changing traffic conditions are another matter as they are for drivers.
Only a complacent fool remains oblivious to this. :banghead:


The crisis comes just as the Government pledges a crack down on lycra louts.

About time! :clap:


Just two months ago :lol: :lol: :clap: :lol: City of London BiB launched a fresh clampdown on these louts after an avalanche of complaints. :lol: from pedestrians

Bit different from Harrogate then where bloke was told "to get a life" and Krissi came up against a similar wall following her problems last year :banghead: from same force - or rather she was told they sympathised but had no data to track her hellish cyclists down :banghead:


Offenders are given £30 on the spot fines if copped jumping red lights and riding on pavements or the wrong way up anbd down one way streets

Should be more. You get £50 fine for dropping your apple core on ground in Preston and elsewhere these days. :roll: Not condoning litter louting but think fines are disproportionate - the littering warrants £30 and the wayward cycling £50 as this is the more life threatening.


During the two week campaign - 400 cyclist received fixed penalties :clap:

Only - there are thousands in London :?

and 276 opted for a lecture instead ... :roll:

a City of London spokesman said: "We wanted to make cylcists more aware of the risks they take and the consequences and try to educate them to behave

So fine 'em more ... :roll: have scammers to nab them - see how they like a dose of this . :roll:


A national crackdown on rogue cyclists three years ago using powers of ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1998 is largely seen to have failed [b[ because of a lackl of police manpower [/b] The Act made cycling in pedestrianised area and shopping malls illegal and a CRIMINAL OFFENCE :furious:

Yet we see them all the time - week in/week out doing this. :roll:


In 1998 more than 1000 fixed penalties of £20 were dished out and dwindled to just 200 in 2000 as police resources were redirected to "high profile crimes!"

Is it me - or do I see a parallel with introduction of speed cams,
so-called freeing of police time - which does not seem to incorporate attending to crimes... :banghead: :furious:


Andrew Howard of the AA said: "There is no place for cyclists on pavements as people with prams, toddlers and people in wheelchairs are at risk. They should not have to worry about 15 mph cyclist causing a KSI on pavement.

There are indeed cases which have been in press in the past. :cry:

Yes as the final paragraph says - cyclists belong on roads and they should have the common sense to either read Cycle Craft, IG's notes on here or seek lessons via the CTC website before they start. Traffic is not the same as when they were kids and allowed to ride on pavements as under 16s. :roll:

Mail wrote:

Case Study - cycle rage which ended in murder

TV scriptwriter Ted Rhodes was killed in what is believed to be UK's first cycle rage incident.

Mr Rhodes - who brought "Alll Creatures Great and Small" to the smell screen was found dead in his flat two days after being attacked byt a cyclist in Decemebr 2003.

Mr Rhodes (then 69) had reprimanded the rider for going the wrong way up a one way street in Wandsworth, SW London. The man leapt off his bike and punched Mr Rhodes in the face and knocked him to the pavement. Mr Rhodes appeared unscathed at first but collapsed later - dying from cerebral bleeding brought on by the punchings to his head.

Mr Rhodes worked on Z Cars and Dr Who.

A sad end to a great and worthy man. All because of a deranged person who just happened to ride a bike as well. Could just as easily have been a similarly minded individual in a car :roll: But the point is

Not all cyclists are cleaner than clean and as many road raging numpties ride bikes as drive cars..

If you want to get to heaven - you have to raise a little hell!

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It makes folk wonder just what you REALLY got up to last night!

Smily to penny.. penny to pound
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But the real message? SMILE.. GO ON ! DO IT! and the world will smile with you!
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 03:11 

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I generally have no probs with cyclists. However, they should obey the rules of the road in the same way as other road users have to.

And I also think it should be law for them to carry third party insurance and the onus changed from "its always the fault of the car driver" in any incident. I know someone who got hit with a charge of careless driving because a cylist jumped a red light and smashed into the side of him - how the hell is that justice and how was it his fault?

Luckily he had a very good solicitor and the case got thrown out.

"Are you sh**ing me?"
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 15:00 

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I agree with Mad Moggie. Why should I obey all the traffic laws, ride sensibly and then get treated like sh*t because other cyclists don't?

Book 'em I say!

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 17:31 

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blademansw wrote:
I generally have no probs with cyclists. However, they should
obey the rules of the road in the same way as other road users have to.

Quite so, Blademan. And, similarly, if they are up on the pavement
then they should obey the Rules of The Pavement.

There are some very funny people cycling around this part of London.

I was walking along Ladbrook Grove yesterday afternoon heading for St
Charles Hospital; an old man, very weak down one side, using a stick.
A cyclist was coming the other way, up on the pavement also. I had no
problem with that; it is a fine wide pavement, even if beside a fine wide
road, complete with a cycle lane.

Anyhow, I was walking along this wide pavement, along the side away
from the roadside, but this cyclist came on determinedly, heading
straight at me. It's a not unusual occurrance but this time I had had
enough. I brought up my stick up with its handle into my shoulder as per
bayonet-drill, and shouted. The cyclist somehow managed an
immediate near-ninety-degree turn, with a great wobble, and made off.

I know it was wrong of me, and I've never done it before. But what is it
about some pavement-cyclists which makes it so necessary for their self-
image and self-esteem that the riff-raff stand aside for them, as a mark
of respect; as if they were kings and queens of the Land.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 19:14 
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Follow up article in this week's CW

Superintendent Peter Terry has confirmed to the magazine that the Met are clamping down on the growing numbers of cyclists who flout the law by ridfng on busy pavements, wrong way up one ways and without lights in the dark. :roll:

Cycling on a pavement can be dangerous to pedestirans - especially the very young and the very old.

The Met has confirmed and it's available on an FOI as well that the first two weeks of thir campaign netted a fair amount of fines and warnings.

We also fine for pavement cycling, no lights etc in this patch - but we do offer the same discretion and fines and lectures are based on what is seen and lot of cyclists do need to learn the "attitude" test as well :wink: - which is about "willingness to learn from the error!" Pleading and whining does not cut it! :twisted: :wink: (Once had someone on his knees - when I was in the Met many years ago! :lol: )

Oooh - tis a "power" thing. (tongue in cheek) ... :roll: :roll: :roll: Still booked him though! :twisted:

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