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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 07:49 
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Little snippet appears in this month's mag. :shock:

Actually if we ever got the the eco-warrior's dream of "cylcotopia" I rather think this would have to be the case - along with taxing the bike and tests and so on.. :roll:

They think not?

32 million four wheelers hitting the roads on two wheelies... :?

This is on current plans being debated NOW per C+ On page 7.


Cylists should have to wear a personal registration number to identify those who ride dangerously accodring to a member of the House of Lords

Lord Howarth of Newport told the second chamber that "Cylists who habitually ride on pavements, run red lights, ride the wrong way up one way streets and without lights after dark - assume they can get away with this ileegal and antisocial behaviour because no one is going to be able to identify them

"Cylcists shoulddisplay on thier clothing a personal registration number that is clearly readable and carry a registration card containing relevant information"

Lord Davies of Oldham - for The GOV -

"We'll look at this idea - but we do have to keep law breaking cyclists in perspective. On the whole -road accidents lie eleswhere and not with cyclists."

"Tory Lord Marleford :

"Pedestrains may feel initimdated by cyclists - but the cyclists feel initimdated by the cars .

"Cylclists ask for no more than pedestrians have - which is a road with a separate lane for them " :? :?

COME please - to AMBLESIDE" - ain't what we want!!

Lord Davies replied that

"Cyclists do suffer disproportionately from road accidents because they are a vulnerable group by comparison. That does not excuse them from breaking the law by riding on pavements and sso on. We want to make the roads safe for all and this means a requirement for consideration for all road users for others"

Ah! Lord Davies..

We shall write to you about C O A S T as part of THINK!

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safespeed prospers-smiles all round! !

But the real message? SMILE.. GO ON ! DO IT! and the world will smile with you!
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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 10:10 

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And when we are done getting cyclists registered and taxed, what about pedestrians? We need to do something to stop them wondering into the cycle part of a shared pedestrian/cyclist facility with a white line down the middle.

In all seriousness, an L-test, taxation and registration number on motorised vehicles does little to deter their drivers from breaking the law. Maybe when motoring laws are properly enforced and drivers face a realistic possibility of getting caught when they disobey them, cyclists who habitually ride on pavements (something I don't condone) will be happier ridding on the road.

And putting things back into context, it is not cyclists causing over 3,500 road deaths each year and that would still not be the case if there were over 32 million of them. In any collision the cyclist comes off worst, hence cyclists are duty bound to take care.

It's not what you ride... it's how you ride it.

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 10:37 

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Lord Marelford sounds like a right muppet. Unless the Tories are going to fund 100,000 miles of cycle path, and deal with the loss of priority at junctions that this brings for cyclists.

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