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 Post subject: Ride of Silence....
PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 22:03 
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If only this was such a ride...


Allan Ramsay of Roadpeace has another letter sadly descending into pure rant in this week's CW.

Firstly - he explains the ride of silence and to be honest - I do see nothing that wrong in this - a ride to honour the memory of those who sadly fall victim on the roads for whatever reason.


The ride of silence is a movement that involves cyclists across the globe joining body, mind and spirit and cycling in silence for 20 minuites in memory of al their fellow cyclists who have been killed or seriously injured in accidents.

Personally - I go to Church as do all members of our family and we light a candle and say a prayer for the souls of all those (including our own) who have passed away - especially all involved in some trauma. (Am in the choir - of course :wink: ) I am old fashioned and happen to think this is more fitting and more sombre to the memory of anyone or suffering somehow.

But I do not condemn those who feel minded to show their grief this way though I would say it shows a slight degree of selfishness since elderly and young pedestrians are really our most vulnerable in society.

I also find this next paragraph rather disturbing given he is supposedly an officer of RoadPeace (belladonna and many of the Brake and Roadpeace people we work and liaise with are not like Allan. Also ... I have a great deal of respect for the sincerer members of these organisations)


Would anyone like to join a crusade - in the memory of the Rhyl CC lads, Zak Carr, Pete Longbottom and the like - and ride under the banner of CALMM: Cyclists Against Law Breaking Motorists and Motorbikers


The Rhyl survivors did nbot blame the driver. They testified to the black ice and wrote a lovely letter to CW at the time - at no point condemning the driver who was driving legally but vey tragically hit the black ice just as the cyclists approached. A police driver had skidded here earlier that day and the patch was reported to the Highways Agency. All this will be revealed no doubt at the inquests and Mr Ramsayt should not condemn the driver until this has occurred. I can repeat certain points in this post as they were widely reported in the aftermath of this particular tragedy in any case.

Of the other cases .. I understand hit and runs and this is a different crime altogether and nobody of this board would wish to see this type escape justice.

This is the sort of letter which does Roadpeace few favours - especailly when he continues in similar accusing vein


It is a sick mindset that believes motor vehicles are all powerful and the roads are for their use alone. It is a mindset which must be eradicated

Er .. makes the guy come acrosss as a bit of a Dalek.... :roll: Most here from the evidence I have seen embrace COAST and are not supportive of tailgating , arrogant and purely selfish thugs at all. We are really talking of 5% out there and of these - chavs and serious thickos! :roll: If all drivers were like this - I would expect my lads and lasses to be scraping up more carnage.

Serious numpties.. - we do nab quite a few around here before they impact on our stats. Being known to be around does make a difference and taking the trouble to help even if politely handing out a fine does help keep trust and respect.

Oh dear - Allan read the same thing with the motorcyclists as I reported on here on the helmet thread (think?) ....He calls this a "copycat of the Rhyl tragedy whereby the motorbiker lost it on a left hand bend and nearly killed 4 cyclists.

Sorry - this was not the same thing at all. The driver in Wales was not speeding and the bend was not at all as sharp as the one in Scorton. The bend was perfectly safe at his recorded speed under normal non-icy circumstances The Rhyl driver hit a patch of black ice. You do not see black ice and the survivors and helpers also reported that they could not stand without slipping on this surface. NOT SIMILAR! :roll: then!

:roll: :roll:

The biker in Lancs took the corner too fast - over the advisory speed.

As for the Tour of Snowdonia being cancelled due to concerns over competitor safety..... Has nothing to do with motorists as the organisers
usually apply for road closure and policing as necessary prior to these events. I suspect some other reason for the postponement (NOT cancellation... :roll: )


It cannot be emphaised that as cyclists and human beings we need to fight for our rights and protectiion on the road

The proposals to the Highway Code were aimed at making things clearer... :roll: and thus safer.

We have CTC training up cyclists to Cycle Craft's model of good practice - and the Swiss fighting for Think! campaigns over Green Cross, COAST, Fatigue, Drink, Drugs awareness for ALL road users...

Perhaps they have a better approach :wink:

One or two adverts on the back of buses are looking a little better in Lancs and Manchester :wink: per the Swiss and extended families in these areas.. one reports seeing advert on a GMPTE bus stating that "driving in Bolton (foggy conditiion photo and congested road) can be a tricky business.. concentrate, observe, anticipate....give space and time"

Err :shock: :? Mad Doc's sister who lives in this area says it was on the back of the No 552 bus which travels Bolton-Leigh. :lol: :lol: :lol: Sounds awfully like .. er .. C O A S T :lol: 8-) 8-) 8-)


As a surviving road crash victim (hit and run from behind) and as a member of Roadpeace - I propose all cycling clubs join Roadpeace and asks their local MP to join Roadpeace Parliamentrary Group which conssits of 120 MPS and Lords

Allan.. a hit and run is still a very different crime and I do want to see these people traced and banged up for a long time.

However, I can speak from experience of seeing those who caused an serious incident through some slight error and tragedy of circumstance in a state of sheer trauma, grief and terror and a guilt from which they suffer for the rest of their lives and from the sheer grief and sense of loss from those who lost someone and this can also be the person who cuased the incident. Sometimes this person is the only decesased or seriously injured too and I would urge any Roadpeace or Brake lurker or supporter to seriously consider all victims in a "tragic mistake or black ice or other "innocent"" type of incident.

As for the downright illegal - we'll pursue relentlessly and would hope the courts deal accordingly.

Take with a chuckle or a grain of salt
Drive without COAST and it's all your own fault!

A SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight (P Diller).

A Smiley Per post

Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon - but driving with a smile and a COAST calm mind.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 23:11 
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How very dissapointing, for as you say he has made some very, very valid points but judging drivers guilty before the inquest and most readers will think 'Crank' or 'Extrenist' and disregard the pertinent comments he has made.

To slightly paraphrse:

'A small step backwards for man, a giant leap backwards for the road safety cause'.

Gordon Brown saying I got the country into it's current economic mess so I'll get us out of it is the same as Bomber Harris nipping over to Dresden and offering to repair a few windows.

Chaos, panic and disorder - my work here is done.

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