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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 00:06 
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As we plan to visit France soon und watch stage of "Tour" whilst there - we buy our "Guide to Tour" from CW ... ist better we think than the C+ one . :wink:

Anyway .. we buy our guide to the event.. und in the booklet ist question about how "green" these events are in reality.

Lovely line to open.. epitome of what we all know to be reality :rotfl: This ist the REAL CW.. :lol: Not the one which like C+ pander to greenier than thee nonsense - und C+ guide to the Tour ist also a very good buy if one want all the low down on the teams und stages until climax of the sprint past L'Arc de Triomphe and the Etoile und down Champs Elysees.. 8-)

CW Guide to Tour de France on page 18 wrote:

Cycling is green. We know that for a fact because politicians don lycra as soon as environment ist mentioned

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :? :shock: :shock: 8-) :wink: :wink:

Und this :hehe: from a cycling mag. :shock: But this ist the reality check book .. like the C+ version of same. Ist down to the sheer nitty gritty dirty derring do of SPORT und RACE! Und HUMAN ENDEAVOUR!

They rightly question the "green jersey" for eco-points und pomnder whether or not it should be a black arm band for jeopardising the planet.

In a way .. this piece ist not dissimilar to Dusty's thread :wink: Und ist also perhaps reiterating what my Mad Doc said about ethics und fact that any decision we make in belief that ist "ethical" may not necessarily be so "ethical" in way it affect another person or the planet.

Ist digging a bit deep - nicht :lol: :wink:

For example


The standard way to measure the effect of human action ist to calculate the eco-footprint..

Everything we use come from Earth.

(hence the opportunity cost of one thing against another per economic jargon :wink: )
CW Tour Special wrote:
UK citizen need resources that has to be supplied by 5 hectares of land to maintain average lifestyle.

This does not seem a lot - but if entire world live to Western standard we'd need 2.7 planet earths to sustain this :shock: :shock: :?

Food for thought ? Nicht? Family suspected this for longest time 8-) :wink: 8-)


It's possible for team of accountants to measure how much of planet has been consumed in this event.

But this would mean asking everyone from yellow jersey to selves in our fold up chairs near finish line of a stage.. how they got there .. how much litter they dropped on floor or even placed in bin.. how much water, detergent und polish used on bikes und lycra....und how many bubbles in champagne ate end of each stage....

Human activity at any event will create waste ..planet will spend to recycle or land fill.. :roll: But whatever .. we will use a resource.

The article mentions the freebies.. the food stands.. with the inevitable half eaten debris.. und wasted packaging...

Not to mention fleet management.. all those NAUGHTY cars following the riders ...135 trucks .. 180 Skodas... sinful CO2.. more emissions than rush hour on M25/M1/M6 combined.. :wink: :wink:

:shock: :shock:

und this ist from CYCLING MAG


They then go on about spectators .. all the petrol und derv we use to go see it..

:shock: :? [i] But we are on this route on way to see my Papa for a holiday und when we get there .. we relax. use train.. walk .. ride.. chill.. sleep.. indulge in some feline frolicking 8-) :lol:

CW conclude that bike racing ist not very green . und no sport ist this either.. but they think it marginally "greener" than the World Cup :lol: :lol: :lol:

So .. for debate . ...

Which sport can claim to be greenest of them all.

any cycling event

Six nation Rugby

FA Cup

European Cup]

World Cup

Commonwealth Games

Winter Olympic

Normal Olympics

Nicht ganz im Lot!
Ich setze mich immer wieder in die Nesseln! Der Mad Doc ist mein Mann! Und ich benutzte seinen PC!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:45 

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I always buy the comic for its guide to the Tour - it knocks spots off the C+ one.

Never mind how green or otherwise cycle races are just think of the pleasure they give to millions of people and you can watch them at the roadside for nothing!!!

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