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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 22:15 
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I recognise the writer's name from both the CTC pages and C+ forum :wink: (from lurks and links from family). She's one who comes across as very reasoned at all times

I do not see any reason why I should not name her on this site given her name appears on the letters' page in the "MEN" and if she happens to lurk or browse on here - I trust she will not at all be offended I do think her letter worthy of a wider read and can only say she has done a splendid PR job for the CTC, cycling and common sense. This woman is the true profile of the average cyclist and her view is shared by most on two wheels :wink:

Karen explains the nub of Mr Alderson's letter and it' superfluous tto repeat it :wink:


We agree with the "Twenty's Plenty" campaign to limit speed on residential streets This makes much more sense than Michael R Alderson's suggestions which appeared in July 10's Postbag and which we read in amazement given his cycling background.

Pur campaigns will never support such a view. The part of Michael's letter objected very strongly to the suggestion that cyclists should be segregated from other vehicles and made an absurd suggestion that pavement cycling should be the "norm".

Roads are for vehicles and a bicycle is a vehicle. Indeed many of the early roads with a centre line were originally designed for people on bicycles. :wink: . These are now taken over by cars ...

There are already too many cyclists using the pavement when it is illegal. A 10 mph limit would be unsafe and intimidating in such circumstances

:clap: :bow:

Karen - if you lurk - what's your stance on red light jumping :wink: :wink: You'd be welcome if you do join the debates here. We are gents and ladies here .. :wink:


Pavements are for pedestrians and should stay that way. Consider, if you will, the blind/partially sighted who will not see or be unable to move out of the way of the pavement cyclist. Those using shared -use pavements, particularly those who walk children to and from school already have to dodge school children who ride erratically.

It is not cycling which is unsaffe. It is dangerous and inconsiderate cycling as well as inconsiderate driving.

Thank you. A sane voice of clear reason and you voice what we all say.

Karen, as C+ forum regular, will be aware of the Swiss and the German guy who is a pal of Wildy's cousin .. we refer to him as "that devil Andreas" within the family :wink: But his German pal ... his daughter will limp for the rest of her life because a cyclist collided with her on a shared path. The cyclist - when he fell - tried to steady himself by instinctively putting his hand out. Only.. he fell against the bump of a heavily pregnant woman. She lost the baby and nearly lost her life.

A tragic accident..and arguably the toddler should not have strayed into the cycle path in Germany at the time. But even so.. the child was clearly visible and, well :scratchchin: ... toddlers .... you just cannot be 100% certain as they do not have any cognitive road sense and they sure are fast on their feet. :yikes: I speak from the experience of being a parent. You really do need eyes at the back of your head . :roll:

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