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PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 07:39 
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Listening to news report per the "Dawn Patrol on Radio 2" where Sarah Kennedy runs through highlights of the papers.

She came across story in today's "Torygraph".

O-je! Teufel!

I hear cyclist fingers a-drumming in rage... Spinny will get dizzy! Lycra will go into meltdown on this one! :shock: :shock:

OK - here goes ... und take deepest breath all you cyclists out there! :lol: :lol:

Apparently und allegedly per this paper ..

If you fall off your bicycle und cause an accident in this area of Eastern Europe - you can get a whopping £1000 fine!

Now I am sure certain lurkers will go off on one.. (ooh - "them rebels are at it again!" :roll: )

But it seem from the gist of this article as heard on radio whilst cooking the family breakfasts ( :yikes: Had my Weetabix") that Czechs are trying to cut down on cycling related incidents... as more und more take to their bikes!

Of course - as we once pointed out .. more use mean rules. Governments want their stealth taxes after all. :roll: :furious: They will get this regardless und fib that they are "trying to be helpful as well" Ist called "spin" und "politics" und "political correctness" after all!

If this story ist true though und so far have only the Torygraph's report so far ...then I have one suggestion to Czech /Slovakian governments.

Get your roads sorted out .. :censored: death traps - full of pot holes und other nasties und then if people continue to fall off their bicycles thereafter - you may have a point - perhaps less cheap vodka! So fine the drunks!

Like all governments worldwide .. politics seem to attract only blithering idiots with vision even short than Mister Magoo's! :roll: :banghead:

Ach sorry - one other on agenda for these one vision village idiots who become politicos as incapable of holding proper jobs otherwise.. ist called "grabbing every one else's cash to keep gravy train flowing und funding their own pension schemes.. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Nicht ganz im Lot!
Ich setze mich immer wieder in die Nesseln! Der Mad Doc ist mein Mann! Und ich benutzte seinen PC!

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