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PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 07:55 
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Nein .. do not mean the [Indy[/] but the paper :wink:

All that appear in paper was ONE line

In reply to question as to what people should take more notice of
he reply :rotfl: :rotfl:


Cyclists who jump red lights und ride on pavements becauase they are all bar:censored:stewards


Hark .. ist rumbling of fingers on the cycling fora .. "ooooh.sin -- sinful .. they're at it again!"

Indy has had lovely letters page of ping pongs as to who ist the most maligned on the road .. eco-friendly cyclists or the drivers terrorised by Lycra-tree hugging louts who go on CM simply to cause gridlock und oinconvenience to all other road users be they in car, on bus or on foot. :furious:

Nigel ist not for turning.. on mobile phone he say


I absolutely hate these pests on the road. If they use the roads for free und pay not tax

actually ist VED und all tax go in one cauldron for that Sorceror called Gordon to play magic tricks of illusion und delusion .. but that ist another rant on its own :hissyfit:


But they have to obey the rules..

which are that you stop at a red light. I am at one now und 4 cyclists have just gone through it. They have just gone up the one way street the wrong way too. Und they are aggressive if you get in their way when legaally stopped at these lights. One just smacked my car with his hand. It ist unbelievabale behaviour

Agree - aggression ist not the way und per one paper today - they are now caliming road rage ist down to "defect gene" Ahh... well we have to have some excuse for bad behaviour ..

We have had these defecctive genes since we evolved .. but ist only recently that we are seeing such nastiness. Ist an excuse to justify sptieful behaviour

Again .. ist a matter for "Chat und Soapbox rants" :wink:

Worryingly woman called Cloeh Pearse say how she get annoyed by RLJ baddies. SHe say she got cut up by driver in London. She say Mr White Van Driver rolll down window und say

Wotcha Luv Are you alright? Shall I go get her for you?

Feebly the lady nodded und watched him exact revenge by cutting up other drivers whilst going after his prey!

:shock: ... 656402.ece

Nicht ganz im Lot!
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