Grampian Police Accident Causation data for 2002
How important a factor is speed?


Many thanks to Simon Tonks for obtaining and forwarding the data.

You can download our spreadsheet (here).


The largest factor in all accidents is driver error, and the largest driver error is carelessness of one sort or another.

Excessive speed is a significant factor in 8% of all accidents and in 20% of fatal accidents. However the sample size of excessive speed fatal accidents is small - in fact there were 9. We will investigate further because within this 9 will be 9 different driver behaviours. Will any of them turn out to be "normal responsible drivers exceeding a speed limit"? We shall see, but we expect to find drunks, joyriders, suicides and maybe a police driver answering an emergency call. We also do not know if any or all of the excessive speed accidents took place above the speed limit, and we do not know if any of them could have been prevented by speed limit enforcement.

Note that the Grampian area tends not to have monotonous roads, which tends to cause sleep related accidents to be under-represented.

The investigation continues.

You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour

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