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Here's what you can do:

Promote the Safe Speed web site Tell your friends, link your web site to ours, mention the site when writing to newspapers etc. Send emails inviting people to have a look at our site.
Write articles for us to publish We will be pleased to publish any sensible articles  (facts or opinion) regarding speeding, speed enforcement and safer driving in the UK. It's your chance to get published and do something. Send us email
Send us a donation Safe Speed will always be non-profit making. Paypal donate
important: Join Safe Speed as a member Memberships cost from just £4 per month. Visit this page and sign up.
Click on the advertisements available around the site. Clicking on the adverts earns a few pence. With thousands of visitors a few clicks here and there can makes a real difference. It won't even cost you anything, so don't be shy about clicking on the adverts.
new Shop in our bookshop We offer a shop window to Amazon titles. (others planned) We eran a few pennies of commission.
Set one of our 'home pages' as your browser home page and use Google search from Safe Speed. When you search a couple of targeted adverts appear along with the search results. Clicking on the advert earns us a few pence. With a few thousand folk doing this daily we'd earn a useful income stream.
Sign up to the Safe Speed forums (it's free) and participate in the discussions. Safe Speed works because we've got excellent information. The more folk who are are thinking about the issues and contributing the stronger the information becomes.
important: Raise funds for us Perhaps you're already involved in something that raises cash for a good cause? Consider making Safe Speed the good cause. 
Follow up our correspondence We've written to various officials about road safety issues and of course we don't get adequate responses - mainly because we know they don't have proper answers before we write. It's good for road safety and the safe Speed cause if visitors follow up the correspondence and demand answers. Pull down 'Communicating > letters' from the menu above.
Write to newspapers and magazines Write to newspapers and magazines especially to challenge false claims made by camera partnerships. They are getting away with far too many lies and abuses of statistics.
important: Become a patron or a sponsor We're being effective, but we could do so much more with decent funding. We'd like to run a mobile exhibition and open offices in London and the Midlands. We'd like to provide seed finance for university research and we'd like to be able to spend more money on advertising and promotion. We need to appoint a full time HGV40 co-ordinator. We could put £300,000 per year to excellent use immediately.

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