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Safe Speed Main Page
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Welcome to Safe Speed: dedicated to intelligent road safety. aims to objectively analyse the evidence for various strategies for road safety improvement. 

We are starting from a position where we mistrust speed limits as a primary road safety strategy, and we are proud to suggest intelligent alternatives.

Our sole objective is to promote better road safety, eventually through improved legislation which properly targets dangerous drivers and dangerous behaviours.



Problem2 new This page explores the bizarre proposition that lower speeds might result in drivers having less time to react.

Smeed new A major investigation by Safe Speed into predicting road death figures.

Idris Appeal new Can you help to change the law?

Can You Help? new This page examines the positioning of a particular speed camera in a high hazard zone. 

cameras new Why they must all go and go NOW.

stickers new Download and print a Safe Speed sticker

serious2 new We add data to the discovery of the serious injury anomaly

france new France has been doing well, but it wasn't speed cameras that provided the improvement

serious new We discover a very worrying anomaly in the serious injury statistics

conspiracy new We examine the mistaken beliefs behind "speed kills"

moreorless new Radio 4 carries an admission that DfT quoted figures do not allow for a major source of statistical error, confirming our claims

rules new We discover a serious flaw in the rules for speed camera placement

TSOS updated The AutoCar and RAC Foundation "Talking Sense on Speed" Campaign

PACTSSSI new We are able to dismiss claims by PACTS and SSI

Hypothecation2 new Bad figures from speed camera counties

DfT Boilerplate new DfT correspondence - it didn't go anywhere.

Magistrate new Letter from a magistrate

Sky new A transcript from a TV discussion

Inattention new Our examination of driver inattention - a real and dangerous cause of accidents

Avon and Somerset new We obtained unique UK data shows that 2/3rds of excessive speed accidents do not involve exceeding a speed limit

12mph revised We examine the contribution to average impact speed of free travelling speed

Brunstrom memo An amazing memo from Richard Brunstrom 

ProblemAnother problem in the figures for the camera proponents to try to explain.

Speed Limits We look at the whole subject of speed limits

BuckinghamSafe Speed view receive academic validation

BurbeckWe write to the Chief Constable of Warwickshire about something funny in their accident statistics

EffectsA summary of the Safe Speed view of the dangers and effects of speed cameras. 

SCRASWe chase important unpublished accident causation data

NWPAOur complaint about road safety policy in North Wales

Blackpool 2003 Information about a Safe Speed presentation given at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference.

PilkingtonWe chase very interesting data in Avon and Somerset

BeggSafe Speed and David Begg go head to head in the North Wales Daily Post.

HardySir David Hardy (TRL Chairman) fails to reply to our letter.

BrakeWe write to road safety campaigner Mary Williams of Brake.

FactorsAn experimental investigation of how the factors affecting road deaths in the UK are changing.

DfTAn exchange of emails with the DfT

TaysideAccident causation data from Tayside.

TRL fudge  A certain newsletter article from the TRL comes under the Safe Speed spotlight.

Hong Kong  Data from Hong Kong, show speed in excess of the limit to be insignificant as an accident causation factor.

NSCLWe write to National Safety camera Liaison with a few questions.

GrampianWe examine accident causation data from Grampian

Brunstrom3We write again to Mr Brunstrom

Rttm8Wide area regression to the mean in the 8 speed camera hypothecation trial counties.

Lethality   We examine the data and find that road accidents are getting more dangerous.

SlowItDown   An amusing error found on the Derbyshire Scamera web site

Big Lies   We list examine and expose the Biggest lies in modern road safety

Heydecker   We write to one of the authors of the official report claiming success for the two year pilot scheme for speed camera hypothecation. 

EVI   The Sunday Times reports the planning of Big Brother technology. We say no thanks.

Regression to the mean   The main statistical error which enables the claims of safety improvements at speed camera sites.

Giles Story   A responsible motorcyclist writes to explain how he has been banned for nothing.

Survey   We consider the questions in the public surveys into speed camera acceptability. Spin to win?

Bad Signs   Many faulty speed limit signs may allow prosections to be challenged. 

Anon   A range of interesting anonymous submissions.

Brunstrom2 Richard Brunstrom writes to the Daily Post (local paper) with funny claims for North Wales road safety. We're not laughing.

Hampshire Hampshire Diary. A traffic cop writes...

HypothecationIs it all for profit?

Arrive Alive2  More madness in North Wales. They're going undercover.

Road Safety  We look at the fundamental things that make the UK roads the safest in the world.

Arrive Alive  Some trouble brewing in North Wales (with a bit of luck)

Claim Letters  A general letter which will help to expose the false claims made by the Speed Camera Partnerships. Send this to them whenever they publish a claim that appears to exaggerate the benefits of cameras at camera sites.

Unite! A former Police Officer writes to the Daily Mail and calls for civil action against speed cameras.

Press Safe Speed's collection of press cuttings, covering on-topic messages

Opinions Emails from advanced drivers, instructors, professionals and more wanted and displayed.

PACTS Our reply to an open letter from PACTS to Oliver Letwin. 

HGV40 Apparently enforcement of the HGV 40mph signle carriageway national limit is being increased. They shouldn't do that. It's dangerous.

TRL  Correspondence with the Chief Executive of the Transport Research Laboratory falls far short of expectations.

Brunstrom Correspondence with a major proponent of speed cameras.

Unsigned forms  A loophole in the law affecting speed camera offences

Wrong  North Wales Police trip over their own figures.

Tiger  We're waking the tiger and it's a deadly beast.

Police  We look at how the Police are deserting our roads, and leaving it to PC Gatso.

Fatalities  We look at UK road safty trends over 50 years and find a massive change in 1993. Is it proof that speed cameras kill?

Percentages  We examine the ratios of deaths to injuries on differnt road types. Some surprises.

Congestion Our brief analysis of London Congestion Charging.

International3 International Motorway fatality rates

Italy Italy plans to increase their Motorway speed limit in Jan 2004 "to improve road safety".

ThatAd  We have another well justified pop at an anti-speed TV advert that they're running AGAIN!

12mph With even 12mph speed limits we could still kill just as many. We prove it.

Gambling How the safety camera partnerships tell the truth, yet lie at the same time. 

Ten An experimental view of driving as a continuous process of accident avoidance

More Emails  More email correspondence with the DfT on the subject of speeding causing accidents.

International2  Graphs showing that countries with cameras have worse road casualty trends.

Proof A logical proof that speed does not kill based on official figures

Speed What is it all about?

Speeding Good law destroyed by bad enforcement

TRL421 We consider the TRL reports TRL421 and TRL511

Stockport A bananas road safety commercial aired on the radio in Stockport caused a stir. Read about it here. 

Dangers A carefully considered 17 point list of dangers on the road which may be increased by lowering vehicle speeds by enforcement.

OneThird An interesting collection of emails from the DfT and the TRL attempting to support the claim that one third of accidents result from excessive speed.

SMIDSY  Sorry mate I didn't see you. We know why.

S.P.E.E.D. kills  It isn't speed that kills it's S.P.E.E.D.

Phoner Drivers We discuss proposals for a new law.

Table of Shame Speed camera effects. 

Kill your Speed Do we all need to slow down to save the children?

Transport People choose cars. The government must catch up.

Lancsleak A leak from Lancashire concerning their feeble minded plans to reduce road accidents.

DTLR Spin See how the DTLR seeks to mislead us regarding speed camera trials.

Dave's Story Why new government anti-speed publicity misses the point.

Protest Some ideas for future mass protests against dumb speed enforcement.

International Data Proof positive that speed does not represent an important factor in road accident rates?

Accident Research Are we being misled?

Help Safe Speed Visit this page to see how to help us

Help us by becoming a member of Safe Speed

Safe Speed needs you to help us set the record straight!

We need funding!

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Anonymous submissions

You can now send us a message without revealing anything about your identity. Police Officers, council road safety staff and others please use this facility to blow the whistle on nasty practices in your area.

(click here)

See submissions from others: (click here)

Major new section: Graphs and statistics

We've been digging deep into the accident figures to find the trends and the underlying trends. All is rotten in the world of UK road safety. We lay out the figures with honestly constucted graphs and analysis.

New users and infrequent visitors

All new users and infrequent visitors should visit the new and massively extended introduction page. You'll find out what our policies are, why we're here, and importantly, what's on the web site and how to find it.

Safe Speed Mailing List

As a Safe Speed user you can join our mailing list. You can chat to other Safe Speed users through email, and you will receive announcements whenever anything on the site is updated.

You must join before you can post a message. You can leave at any time by clicking the "leave" link below.

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Unsigned Forms Mailing List

There's a possible or probable loophole in the law regarding unsigned section 172 forms. Every driver should understand the loophole.

Visit our page for unsigned forms (click here)

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Speed Camera Action Mailing List

There's a mailing list called Speed Camera Action for anyone wishing to organize a protest against speed cameras.

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New Forums

We have installed a sophisticated web based discussion forum

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Press Information

Index of press release information


Stickers have been appearing in Northamptonshire.

The Police are clearly annoyed about that and have reportedly been stopping cars displaying the stickers and demanded to know where they came from.

Our warmest congratulations to the sticker producers on an effective campaign which is causing discomfort to the tax collectors!

A Challenge:

The government claim that speed cameras are not intended to generate revenue. We all know that drivers fear the points much more than the fine.

So Safe Speed challenges the government to prove to the entire population that the cameras are not there to generate revenue. All they need to do is drop the fine to £5.

Will the government accept the challenge?

Let's make speed cameras as unacceptable as drink driving.

We have a strict editorial policy regarding factual content. If any fact stated on this site can be shown to be wrong, it will be removed as soon as possible.
Last update: 17th March 2004