It gives me great sadness to tell you that ...
Paul Smith died suddenly from
a heart attack on
13th December 2007

A totally committed campaigner for Safer Roads ...

Paul at work in his Campervan
Working tooth and nail, even whilst in a London Hotel just a few weeks before ...

Even in a London Hotel he does not stop ...
He was so determined to create Safer Roads using his incredible intelligence and gentle polite manner to express his views ...

Paul was born in London. After school he very rapidly became a highly sought after Computer Electronics Engineer, designing the hardware & software for micro processor systems, and then an Inventor. He has left some superb products for the world, whenever the World is ready for them ...
His ability to combine his engineering, analytical, maths, physics, chemistry, artistic, and many other skills, made him, uniquely suited, to take on this unexpected challange. It caught his attention and that was that. He was never shy of any challange and this was the greatest.
He leaves a gaping hole that will take many people to fill.
We (Paul's partner, the management, development and administration teams), here at Safe Speed we are continuing his fabulous work.
His case is proven, here, on his website for all to see.

Now it falls on us, to keep reminding the Government of these facts, and to continue to develop Paul's plans, to show by hard facts and truth, that the Government has it wrong (at the moment).

We will continue to promote his work and strive to bring back the Safer Roads that this Country was once so very proud of. Hopefully soon common sense will prevail, and our Roads will once again be the safest in the World.
Paul leaves, his common law wife Claire Armstrong and his dad.

Paul & Claire

Paul died doing what he described as "I have never worked so hard", "I have never had so much fun", and "This is my most important work". He worked tirelessly day and night, to produce the hugh mass of data, so accurately recorded here on this website.
You rose to every challange and met it head on, may we too tackle every hurdle, with the same (collective), ability and determination, to make sure that your work continues with the same strength and Global respect.

Claire says
" Paul, my love, I hope that I have the strength and matching commitment, to continue to take your work to the heart of the Government, and succeed in creating Safe Roads for everyone".

"May you forever Rest in Peace, knowing that we are carrying on your excellent Campaign, and be with me in spirit, until we meet again. You created a legacy. We thank you for your commitment and grit determination."

"I miss you more than flimsy words can ever express, but I will never stop loving you. You really were one in a million, and you knew it ! Bless you Forever my Love."
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You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour
Promoting intelligent road safety
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Safe Speed - exposing stupidity in government
Clear thinking about safe driving for the 21st century
There's no substitute for thinking law enforcement
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Aegrescit medendo
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Speed cameras cost lives
Safe driving is no accident
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