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About Safe Speed:

The Safe Speed road safety campaign is primarily the work of engineer-turned road safety analyst Paul Smith.

Since setting up Safe Speed in 2001, Paul Smith, 50, an advanced motorist and road safety enthusiast, and a professional engineer of 25 years UK experience, has carried out over 10,000 hours working on the campaign with well over 5,000 of those hours researching the overall effects of speed camera policy on UK road safety. In addition to those 10,000 hours, Paul has funded to campaign to the tune of £10,000. Since Pauls' death in Dec 07 Claire Armstrong continues the Campaign and continues to lobby Government for a return to proper and intelligent road safety.

We believe that this is more work in more detail than anything carried out by any other organisation. Paul's surprising conclusion is that overall speed cameras make our roads more dangerous. Paul has identified and reported a number of major flaws and false assumptions in the claims made for speed cameras, and the whole "speed kills" system of road safety.

The inescapable conclusion is that we should urgently return to the excellent road safety policies that gave us in the UK the safest roads in the World in the first place. Far from saving lives, speed cameras are a dangerous distraction.

Safe Speed does not campaign against speed limits or appropriate enforcement of motoring laws, but argues vigorously that automated speed enforcement is neither safe nor appropriate.

Safe Speed is very slimly funded by voluntary contributions to the web site. We are urgently seeking improved funding.

The Safe Speed web site contains more than 350,000 words of road safety analysis and information. We are seeking publishers for 'the book of the web site'.

It has turned out to be quite an amazing story and there are opportunities for journalists and broadcasters to explore how all this came about, what it means, and where road safety has gone so badly wrong.

The name "Safe Speed" refers to the excellent and necessary safe driving practice of a driver choosing a speed that allows him to stop safely within the distance that he knows to be clear. This is known as "the safe speed rule".

The Safe Speed logo - the letters "SS" in a speed limit roundel - is intended to communicate the idea that the "safe speed" for the circumstances should never be exceeded.

See information and analysis throughout the web site. For position, policy and copyright statements see the "front page". Naturally press release information, and the information on this page may be reproduced freely, but please don't publish our telephone numbers! 

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Index of older press releases

Number Date Title
PR100 19th November 2002 DfT and TRL completely fail to justify claims of danger from speed
PR101 28th February 2003 Speed camera law fails
PR102 10th December 2003 Safe Speed response to PACTS / SSI document
PR103 16th December 2003 Urgent Warning: Brake PR: Libel risk
PR104 17th December 2003 Safe Speed demands hard facts in road safety and issues a serious challenge
PR105 28th January 2004 Blunder in the rules for speed camera placement
PR106 3rd February 2004 Safe Speed deplores smear tactics
PR107 4th March 2004 Speed cameras in the wrong places
PR108 13th March 2004 Safe Speed Launches Free Public Forums
PR109 14th March 2004 Speed cameras in The Dock
PR110 1st April 2004 At Last: The truth about road accident causation
PR111 3rd April 2004 Speed camera evidence in doubt, warns Safe Speed
PR112 4th April 2004 Looking inside the 12.5%
PR113 8th April 2004 UK road safety performance disaster
PR114 9th April 2004 Speed camera days are numbered
PR115 14th April 2004 Small scale survey warns of speed camera danger
PR116 16th April 2004 Unintended consequences
PR117 18th April 2004 Our Maddest Speed Limit
PR118 20th April 2004 Real Ale, Real Issues, It's Highway Robbery!
PR119 21st April 2004 Conservatives: Good emphasis, bad plans
PR120 23rd April 2004 Fresh evidence of speed camera failure
PR121 29th April 2004 Comment on the 104mph Police Chief
PR122 12th May 2004 Spoof: Birth Kills
PR123 20th May 2004 Speeding is still normal behaviour
PR124 20th May 2004 Check your offence codes!
PR125 9th June 2004 Fatal flaw in PSNI claims says Safe Speed (originally Northern Ireland Only)
PR126 21st June 2004 Speed camera report is false
PR127 28th June 2004 Professors agree speed camera report is fraudulent
PR128 24th June 2004 Bad Policy Increases Road Death
PR129 25th June 2004 Deaths up in high camera areas
PR130 26th June 2004 The Findings Of Professor Mervyn Stone
PR131 15th July 2004 Continuing fraudulent speed camera claims
PR132 18th July 2004 The Great Speed Camera Con Trick
PR133 28th July 2004 Safe Speed calls for a full audit of Speed Cameras
PR134 4th August 2004 Killer Pillars - are safer cars actually causing more accidents?
PR135 3rd August 2004 Tory proposals a small step in the right direction
PR136 4th August 2004 Wide Support for Windscreen Pillar Revelations
PR137 14th August 2004 Speed Cameras bosses don't have a clue...
PR138 16th August 2004 Speed camera surveys are flawed
PR139 1st September 2004 You can't measure safe driving in miles per hour, Mr Darling
PR140 3rd September 2004 Play fair with the law says Safe Speed
PR141 6th October 2004 Weapons of Mass Distraction
PR142 8th October 2004 Don't cross near cameras warns Safe Speed

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