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Safe Speed radio currently broadcasts intermittently via internet streaming. 

Schedules and 'now playing'

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What software do I need?

We send streaming MP3 through Shoutcast. You can receive the stream in Winamp or Real Player. Safe Speed recommends Winamp. You can download Winamp here.

Can't Connect?

Check the stream server status by clicking here. If the server is down, there's no point in trying to connect! Short interruptions (a few seconds) are quite likely at present. Try again in 20 seconds.

One common problem concerns the type associations in browsers. Your browser may not know what sort of data it's getting and may not automatically launch the appropriate software. The initial answer here is to launch the software manually and see if you can connect directly from the appropriate program. With Winamp, right click on the 'body' somewhere, select play > location. Enter the stream address into the window that appears. The direct stream address is:
Another common problem concerns firewalls. Your firewall may not know that the access to our stream is authorised and may block it. The best way to test for this problem is to disable for firewall briefly for testing. If it works with the firewall down, then you know it was a firewall problem. Put the firewall back up and make the settings required to authorise access. Firewalls can be complex and difficult. Zone Alarm is a good software firewall with a 'free for personal use' version.

Interested in getting involved in Safe Speed Radio? We want all of the following:

  • Anyone with anything interesting to say about road safety for in depth interview. Give us a ring - we can record an interview over the telephone.
  • 'On topic' audio materials from any source. If you have material, send it in for broadcast.
  • Programme makers. Have you ever fancied making a radio programme? Now's your chance!
  • Guest presenters.
  • Ideas.
  • Jingles and adverts. Do you make music? Make a little something for Safe Speed Radio and send it along!
Questions and answers

Can I save the broadcasts to a file?

Yes. You need a 'stream ripper'. There's one available for Winamp from here.


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