That sinking feeling...


One of our forum visitors (Ernest Marsh) noticed that the speed camera warning sign looked rather like a ship on its side. We had some artwork made up to illustrate the point. The image is free to use, free to print. Five resolutions available below.

Some captions:

The partnerSHIPS are going down... 

They also said the Titanic was unsinkable. 

Time for the rats to make their escape... 

Speed cameras? glug glug glug... 

Coming soon to an area near you: partnershipwreck

Speed cameras? Yesterday's good idea 

Speed cameras? Here today, gone tomorrow. 

A bad idea sunk by Safe Speed.

Who will go down with the ship Mr Darling?

Lies like "Speed Kills" were just the tip of the iceberg. (Ziltro)

Quick, issue a press release saying everything's fine, we aren't sinking... (JT)

The claims for cameras never did hold water... 

A great day for real road safety! 

Abandon PartnerShip! Abandon PartnerShip! 

Captain, the iceberg had SS written on it. What does that mean?

Camera Partnerships - rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic since 2001. (Gatsobait)

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The image is free to use for any purpose in various resolutions:

(right click the link and choose 'file save as' to grab the image)

Safe Speed grants a free licence to everyone to use the image unaltered for any purpose in any publication or media. 

We want the image to be circulated widely. Email it to your friends. Print it in your magazine or newspaper. Put it on your web site. Make it up into a sticker. We would be delighted if you sold the sticker. Same with T shirts. Above all, use freely.


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