A letter in the Daily Mail
A retired Police Officer calls for a fight against Speed Cameras


The following letter appeared in the Daily Mail on 18th June 2003. Trevor Reason calls for action against camera prosecutions. We're right behind him. If the campaign develops, we'll carry information right here on this page. So watch this space! Send us email on this topic: (click here

Another reason to fight:

From a news story: (click here)

"Norfolk's network of 18 fixed speed cameras trapped 35,324 speeding motorists between July 2002 and the end of June this year in theory netting more than £2 million.

This total was significantly reduced because about one in 10 per cent of motorists issued with fines end up in court hitting the partnership's ability to fund future road safety measures.

Spokesman Bryan Edwards said that every time a motorist trapped by one of their cameras appears before a court, the partnership had to cover the cost.

The money raised in fines then bypasses Norfolk and goes straight to the Government."

So if you take your case to court the Scamera Partnership don't get your fine money.

Let's make speed cameras as unacceptable as drink driving

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