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Many of you will know that the Safe Speed campaign has never been well funded. Despite shoe-string funding we have achieved a very high public profile and have moved into a position of considerable national influence.

It is vital that this work continues because road safety policy in the UK clearly needs a massive overhaul. No other organisation has the information and the expertise required to actually make it happen.

We could stop what we're doing and focus on fund-raising or membership recruitment, but that wouldn't be in the day to day interests of the campaign or in the interests of road users. The problem is that fund-raising isn't a skill that we have in any significant quantity and the time consumed would seriously detract from important operations.

But you can't do anything without money and a solution had to be found. Here it is:  the Associates Scheme.

These are a few comments from those who elected to join in the last few days (at time of writing):

"As the AA and RAC seem to have given up supporting the motorist they were created to help - We really, really need a group to fight for our side."

"I really do admire you for the stance you have taken. I sincerely hope you can gather the resources required to take this government on."

"In the light of all the latest nonsense emanating from the DfT, your work is more important than ever. You have my support"

"We need your island of common sense in this increasingly nannyist ocean."

Associates Scheme

Since we clearly have a core of dedicated supporters who provide donations or pay an annual membership we thought that by asking you to do a little bit more we should be able to secure the funding required for the next two years' operations, while also minimising the overhead - and time taken - raising funds.

To join the associates scheme you simply have to agree to make a fixed monthly donation for the next two years. We have created an initial target of £2,000 per month which will be sufficient to guarantee survival of the campaign and expand operations (when added to membership and income from media work). If we exceed the target that will be 'a good thing' and we will be able to do even more.

We first opened the Associates Scheme to existing members on August 12th 2006.

Progress is as follows:

  • Existing Members (via 'Clubhouse' appeal) : £645 per month
  • Others: £30
  • Total: £675
  • Percentage of target: 34%
last update: 19th August 2006
Choose your level

You can join as an Associate for any of the following fixed monthly donations:

  • £10
  • £20
  • £50
  • £100
  • £200
The more you choose to pay the more we can do to extend and expand the campaign. Income from the associates scheme will only be used to fund the campaign and will pay for items such as: Print, post, stationery, travel and accommodation costs, funding merchandising, office and web costs (including equipment), information distribution costs, information gathering costs, exhibition costs, presentation costs, display materials and signs, promotional costs, advertising, research costs and similar.
How to join the Associates Scheme:

Standing order monthly (best method)

Print this form, fill it in and send it to your bank

Or use the following account details with your online banking service.

  • Bank: Clydesdale
  • Branch: Tain Branch, 82-68-11 
  • Account: 80480392 in the name of Paul Smith
Important: Once you have completed the standing order procedure, send us an email to tell us about it!

Paypal monthly (easiest method)

Just click the appropriate link below:

Or you can join as an associate by a single donation of £250 or more:

Make your cheque payable to Safe Speed and send it to 

Safe Speed
Coast View 
Hunting Hill 
near Tain 
IV19 1PE

Paypal Single donation of £250 or more:

What will I get in return?

The short answer is nothing except better road safety and a better deal for road users. This is not a business proposition and you are invited to make a regular donation to support the important and highly effective Safe Speed campaign.

Associates will be entitled to join a special private area within the forums at Safe Speed where they will be able to discuss any issues surrounding the campaign the way the cash is being used.



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